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11.09.2006 Belarus
The Government of the Republic of Belarus the decision №1120 of 01/09/2006 cancelled the license requirement to adhere to relative density of the goods of a domestic production in total amount of commodity circulation of a retail trading network.

It will allow subjects of retail trade to be more free in a choice of suppliers, that, undoubtedly, stimulates development of trade in our country.

06.09.2006 Belarus
With the aim to stimulate the development of domestic goods (works, services) export legislation provides the opportunity of insurance of export risks with support of the state (Decree №534 of 25/08/2006).

The President establishes the order of insurance of export risks, payment of insurance compensation on which is carried out with attraction if necessary the funds stipulated in the republican budget; also concessionary terms of credits for manufacture of export production are established.
The Decree is coming into force on 01/01/2007.

24.08.2006 Belarus
Addition to Decree № 373 of 15/08/2005 is included.

Limitations of discharges without funds receipt, established by present Decree from 01/10/2006 will not be applied in case of bank credit repayment and credit interests.

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