Companies founded on the territory of towns and rural areas are provided with new privileges and preferences

09.05.2012 Belarus

On May, 7 the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has signed the Decree 6 On stimulation of entrepreneurship on the territory of small and medium-sized settlements and rural areas. The Decree has been adopted for the purpose of creation of more favorable conditions for business development in regions, for stimulation of business initiative of citizens, for increase of export potential of Belarus.

The Decree extends to the territories of small and middle-sized towns and rural areas and applies to providing numerous tax and customs privileges and preferences to companies which are registered on such territories. The Decree particularly provides exemption of legal entities which produce goods (perform work or render services) on these territories within 7 years from the date of their state registration from payment of income and profit taxes, real estate tax, state duty on issue of license etc.

The full information about preferences and privileges, provided by the Decree, and about registration of companies in small and middle-sized towns and rural areas you can receive on consultation with our specialists or by the phones: (017) 2684022, (029) 6901234.

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