The list of privileges granted to investors in investment agreement is broadened.

28.06.2011 Belarus

There are amendments and changes into the decree 10 from the 6 August, 2009 On the founding of additional conditions for the investment activity in the Republic of Belarus, which provide the broadening of privileges and advantages granted to investors in conclusion of investment agreement.

In particular, the investor will have the right to use the project documentation worked out abroad. On the basis of such documentation its provided to carry out works in linkage to the objects to the place of their allocation. Otherwise the documentation will be corrected.

Its also provided the right to deductions in the whole sum of the VAT, paid in time of buying of goods (works, services), interests, used for projecting, construction or equipping of objects, provided for by the investment project.

In addition, the investor will be exempted from the land tax and rent for land of state ownership granted for realization of the investment project, deductions to innovative funds, taxes, the duty of paying of which arises in connection with gratuitous transfer of property to the investor for the realization of the investment project of state property (the VAT from the side of the transferring party, the profit tax from the side of the receiving party).


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